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Make a Fashionable Statement with The Latest Everyday Style

How many times have you stood in front of your closet, not knowing what to wear? You were in a rush, but yet couldn’t choose, between the tons of shirts and pairs of jeans to make the perfect everyday combination.
Well, fortunately, your search is over, as the spring-summer season is approaching, fashionable people and bloggers all around the world are excited by the comeback of a 90s trend, the Overall! Choose something that will be comfortable and modest yet on the other hand fashionable without the need to compromise on your style.

They are everything you wish for in a piece of clothing. Firstly, they are budget-friendly and really affordable. Furthermore, they are truly one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that you might own besides the little black dress. You can wear them in every season possible and in every situation and occasion. It ranges from everyday combinations to business and work ones, and they are even suitable for a night out. What`s more, they are truly flattering to every single body form, no matter if you are petite, curvy or a bit taller.

For the everyday combinations choose overalls that will be comfortable, flowy and yet trendy and fashion-forward. The options are truly limitless when it comes to choosing the right one for you. Be fearless and express your true-self through the clothes you are wearing. Change dull and boring with fun and colorful. To make your life exciting choose different floral print denim overalls, small and big flowers; dots; palms; embroidered; striped; etc. , that will emphasize your outgoing and fun personality and at the same time will “hug” your body. Don’t be scared to go with a loose and wide fit, it will work like “magic” and structure your body shape in ways you can`t even begin to imagine. Choose materials like denim, which is basically cotton that will let your skin breathe, something that you will be thankful for in the hot summer days.

Combine them with casual one-colored t-shirts or with one with fun and playful application, or with a crop top that will put an accent on your waist. Most certainly you should keep this combination casual and wear a comfortable pair of sneakers, maybe with some pattern or if you want to keep it simple in one color, or you can wear slip-on that will send out vibrant, street-style, fashionable vibes. The options are indeed limitless, choose wisely in order to truly make a statement and show your exceptionable style. Don’t forget to accessorize your look with a chick pair of sunglasses, a bag that will match your overall outfit, maybe a colorful bucket bag or a small tote bag or a stylish backpack and some minimalistic jewelry.

Forget about what your “supposed” to wear, step out of your comfort zone and combine overalls in creating most certainly effortlessly pulled together looks that will make you stand out from the crowd and it in the same time, stay true to yourself.

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