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  • 5 Hippie Boots You Should Consider Owning

      On Trend: Hippie Boots   Today, shoes make an outfit complete by complimenting the entirety of the look. Hippie boots are a popular go-to for men and women alike, from young to old, short and tall. These colorful boots bring a free-spirited edge that everyone loves. When looking at Hippie boo... View Post
  • 5 Must-Have Items For a Mature Bohemian Chic Wardrobe

    Bohemian Trends for the Wise Women They say a true bohemian soul is the one that appreciates beauty on a much deeper level. A profound romantic, free-spirited person who instead of living in a box, breaks the clichés and rebels the norms.  This wisdom and freedom doesn’t manifest only in a pers... View Post
  • Random Patchwork Hippie Jacket

    Start Living Your Hippie Life With This Unique Piece With so many versatile and different options that the fashion market offers, there is everything for everyone. As this season fashion trends are turning to the boho and hippie style, the constant change of temperature asks for owning at least ... View Post